"Mum's painting has arrived so honored and grateful to welcome her majesty into the home! Just mesmerised and in awe! She's stunning.. Thank u sooo much! Can't tell you how much it means and how perfectly she captures something very in sync with mum and her journey of awakening its was truly meant for her!"
Sara Goldy

"Welcome home ladies...early birthday present from hubby, thank you , thank you!! can't leave them wrapped up as they do need to breathe...love them Tiana Art and once again thank you xxx"
Mandie Arianwen Thorne

"I am so emotional... I can't believe how much you have done within the time I asked you to now!!! You are incredible and I am sniffing and crying here... Each one a beautiful facet of Goddess for our sacred Temple. So many people that come absolutely adore the Mother on the main altar, fir the first time in so long we are all excited about the next temple dressing in the 18th September because we know that the next awesome Goddess altar painting is to be unveiled for the first time and had been painted from your sweet and loving hands The Lammas Mother painting has overlooked and spread her golden energy whilst a sacred marriage took place in the Temple and Bahnba will look on in sacred silence and motherly love tbd day after she is placed in the altar at another marriage in the 19th Sept. We are so very blessed to have your paintings T. I have forwarded your images onto Kathy, who is on holiday in the Algarve, and she's asked me to give you her heartfelt thanks and gratitude."
Dawn Kinsella